The name’s Slightly, and I’m a secretly introverted teenager from Hong Kong. I’m not interesting.  Welcome to the dark side the depths of my mind, in a non-creepy way.

My pseudonym “Slightly” is inspired by the Lost Boy Slightly from J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.  He is my favourite amongst the Lost Boys (Tootles came really close) because he provides comic relief; my eight-year old logic dictated that this quality was the absolute bomb.  It still is for all the inappropriate reasons.  I’ve sometimes been considered a bit of a Lost Boy Girl anyway, so I suppose it’s fitting.

I never realised my love for writing until I was fifteen.  Since then, I’ve hoarded twenty-something notebooks and countless Word documents as a way to escape from — or dive into — a certain reality.  Writing has both made me understand and appreciate myself, and somewhat realise that I don’t know anything at all.

The Blank Pages was born in October 2013 as my freedom zone where I often seek solace.  It’s a platform for me to creatively express myself, and reveal the side of me nobody truly knows or understands.  I like to ask questions that I can’t answer, and share my thoughts on the things that are important to me.  In other words, it contains the blank pages that I use to create something maybe not beautiful, but definitely substantial.  I rant blog about a variety of subjects, such as travel, school and elevators.

Other tidbits about me:

  • I live on Oreos and soy sauce, but not at the same time
  • I’m an amateur breakdancer, which is probably why gravity and I just don’t agree
  • I have a Pokemon or South Park reference to virtually anything
  • I tend to read five books at once
  • I’m sardonic, and I make no sense.  Hamburgers.  Unicorns.

When I actually have a life outside my blog, I’m probably:

  • Somewhere embarrassing expressing myself, i.e. sleeping
  • Preaching Discussing philosophical issues to with Science students
  • Holed up inside my room writing History essays
  • Hating trying to love Chemistry

Thanks for stopping by.  Don’t be a stranger.  That’s a wrap.


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12 thoughts on “About

  1. “…hopefully you’re one of them, in a non-creepy way.”

    Non-creepy here ;) I love the way you put that. I use that expression, too.

    1. It’s definitely a good phrase to use for points of clarification! Seeing how we’re in an era when a zombie apocalypse seem imminent, we don’t really want creepy now do we, hehe.

      1. It depends on where you stand too, I suppose. I imagine the Zombies see the Non-Zombies – as creepy ;)

        1. And that’s exactly why they’re creepy, haha! I mean, I wouldn’t want to end up writing gibberish because my brain has been completely drained by a modern zombie…but yeah you catch my drift ;)

        2. I suppose it’s the people who are phlegmatic to the point that they’re somewhat lifeless and apathetic because it sort of bums/creeps me out (thus making my brain switch off). Not really thinking about the Walking Dead kind of zombies, I suppose.

        3. I wonder if it’s a conscious choice to become one. Like a defense mechanism.

          Maybe it’s easier to live that way, instead of reacting (constantly) to the degradation around you.

          We were discussing this last night (my husband and I). I told him that maybe we should try becoming Zombies – then our stress level would reduce.

          I was actually serious.

        4. It would definitely be interesting to live such a life…for a while, anyway, or we’d probably lose ourselves.

          Considering how I’ve been sleeping at around 2AM lately due to my workload (and how I hate coffee), I’ve woken up in “Zombie Mode” and it…was hard to tell whether I was alive or not. For all I knew, I decreased awareness to everything. As for my stress levels actually reducing, that’s questionable…

          I guess it’s probably not easy being a near-Zombie when you’re a high school senior :P

    1. I never properly lived in New York (only for a few months after I was born). Nonetheless, it’s great to visit every so often :) How long have you been in HK since you moved back?

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