Hong Kong Sevens…?

Or whatever…

Every year, there are people come running to me asking the question, “are you going to the Sevens?”  I often just say a very simple No, because I’m just…not interested in rugby, I guess.  But there is definitely something more to just not merely liking rugby.

Apparently, this surprises people — not that I don’t like rugby, but that I don’t actually like going to events like the Hong Kong Sevens.  Being the (presumably) outgoing girl I am, I am somehow seen to be the ‘life of the party,’ so to speak.  The only problem is that…I don’t like parties.  I’m not anti-social, but I honestly don’t see the point.  Why am I talking about parties?  Because based on my understanding, the Sevens is just a massive party with a rugby game in the background.

Truth be told, the past few years I’ve seen my friends upload their photos during the Sevens, I’ve only seen girls wearing skimpy outfits or random guys in banana suits and crazy wigs and whatnot, and nothing much on the actual rugby.  I have nothing against rainbow wigs and shiny sunglasses, but it’s just that I feel like people go to the Sevens just as an excuse to have fun…and I reiterate, with a rugby game going on in the background.

Don’t get me wrong, of course people do watch the game — but how many of them actually do?  How many people in the crowd actually understand the game?  How many of them are genuinely fans of rugby?  Most of the people I know who relish the experiences at the Sevens often don’t really care about the game at all.  “I don’t know, but it’s definitely fun to be at the Sevens,” they often say.  Well okay, so it’ll be fun.  What about the rugby?  “Oh, it doesn’t really matter.  Do you like this wig?  I got it at the Sevens.”

Come on.

Anyway, I’m not completely keen on the Sevens, but I’ve never been completely open about why I don’t enjoy it.  I understand if people think it’s awesome, so I won’t preach.  But so many people wanted to know and I didn’t want to potentially repeat this story over and over and over again, the same story on permanent repeat until someone smashes the remote control before buying a new one a year later.

I’m rambling.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 12.29.57


One thought on “Hong Kong Sevens…?

  1. My brother was quite upfront about the fact that he had no interest in the game of rugby itself and only wanted to go to the 7s to spend time with his friends. Honestly, I think that’s a legitimate reason to do something. I mean, I’ve been to see a movie with friends, even though I didn’t actually want to see the movie. It’s just nice to have something going on in the background to help diffuse awkward silences if and when they arise or to have some pretext (or excuse) to spend time with friends. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to go to watch a rugby game with friends if you don’t even like rugby.

    That said, not everyone really enjoys that. I know I don’t. I don’t even like parties, and having the noise of the rugby game and the audience makes it even less pleasant. But that’s just me.

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